Latest shopping and new brushes

My lack of good makeup brushes was dreadful so I decided to buy some. Although drugstore (and there's nothing bad with it, esp since I currently can't afford Sigma or MAC), the ones I bought are really great. I tried both synthetic and natural hair brushes and the first ones do a really great job for me since they're soft, don't absorb too much product, eco-friendly and easy to wash.

The Ecotools makeup brush set is the first makeup brush set I ever bought (excluding the cheap 5 $ one I bought a half an year ago on eBay and it felt apart in a matter of few months, blah). I ADORE it! I'll do a review on the set in a day or two. I'll have to hurry because there's a lot of post to catch up since I was absent from my blog for two weeks.

I also bought two more single piece brushes after the Abbamart's Angled Sheep Blusher Brush: Essence Smokey Eye blending brush which was only 2 $ and I must say it's a really good blending brush I use for my eye crease and eyeshadow blending. I also love the color combination on it. It's soft, it doesn't sheed, it's easy to wash - it's really a good little brush.

The last one is IQ Cosmetics (a brand you can find in BIPA drugstores in Croatia) Lip Brush. I haven't used it yet, but I plan to apply my Illamasqua Mistress Intense Lipgloss with it and some other more creamy pigmented lipsticks or liquid lipsticks. It came in a practical black vacum pouch and it cost around 4 $.

Since I'm strictly sticking to my planned wish list shopping, I'm not experimenting a lot with other products, so I got Afrodita's Aloe Vera facial peeling and mask and Rosal's Blueberry Lipbalm. This lipbalm is one of my favorites since highschool and the tastes brings me fun memories. I'm also glad they changed the formula so it's more light, creamy and less intense, so I'm enjoying it more than ever.

Do you like my new photo background? :) I'm a comic junkie. The one of the photo's is Genetic Grunge by the genius Zalozabal.

Post soundtrack: Yammat - Putujem (I adore this sooooong!)

6 komentara:

  1. IQ kist za ruž je fenomenalan, imam ga već mjesecima i mislim da ću kupit još jedan, čisto da ga ne moram prat svaki dan, jer u zadnje vrijeme nosim stalno ruževe =P

  2. Prvo što sam primijetila je pozadina!
    Skroz zanimljiva ideja! Ja sam ih čitala kao mala, i uvijek mi bude toplo oko srca kad ih se sjetim i vidim :)

    Koji ti je najbolji kist od Ecootolsovih?

  3. @Biberlee - kosi kist za gel liner (koji koristim za popunjavanje obrva) i kist za rumenilo. napravit ću recenziju kroz koji dan i sve detaljno napisati ;)

  4. Maska od Aloe vere je jako dobra, često ju koristim i piling je fenomenalan. Falila si nam dok si bila bez interneta!

  5. @Ana - hvala, znači mi puno to :D

  6. Super šoping :) Mali savjet - ova EcoTools četkica za sjenilo super funkcionira ko kistić za korektor :) Malo mi je prekruta za sjenilo, ali zato fantastično razmazuje gušće teksture :)



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