Ecotools 6 Piece Brush Set

Last week I purchased this beautiful makeup brush set because I felt the lack of a good brush set was unacceptable for me (because I do my makeup every single day, even when I'm home alone. Because it makes me happy.). Before purchasing the Ecotools set, I was searching through eBay and other web shop for some cheap sets, but later on I strongly felt I should get something better than cheap plastics. I can say freely "cheap plastics" because I ordered a no-name eBay brush set this spring and it fell apart after a month or two.

What I really like about mine Ecotools set is the softness of the bristles and the light feeling in the hand. The info on the packaging says:

- soft, cruetly-free bristles
- natural & recycled materials
- convenient cosmetic bag

This Earth-friendly set shows respect for the planet:
- handles made from bamboo, a highly sustainable plant
- 100 % cruelty-free, soft taklon bristles
- recycled aluminium ferrules
- natural cotton and hemp cosmetic bag
- reusable storage pouch

The back of the packaging also explains the usage of every single brush in the set, which is great esp for makeup starters.
The set features a cosmetic bag which has a part to keep the brushes in place (very convenient during travels) and a pouch to keep some makeup inside.

And now, the brushes review.

Blush Brush - This is a medium sized blush brush with very very soft and gentle bristles. I use it to apply my compact blushes, and I believe it wouldn't do the trick with cream blushes or harder backed ones (like Bourjois baked blushes). When I washed it, there was not fallouts of the bristles, no color leakage or something similar. I like this brush very much not only because it so soft, but also the taklon bristles don't absorb too much pigments like a brush with natural hair would so it gives a fresh but natural look on the cheeks.

Concealer Brush - Although it's obviously made for concealer, I use this brush for eyeshadow application (since I don't use concealers, obviously). The brush is quite large and it could definitely be used as an eyeshadow brush like I used it esp if you have large eyelids like me. It's soft, absorbs a decent amount of pigments and it didn't had any bristle fallouts or color leakage. Not my favorite brush in the set, but it's a useful nevertheless.

Eyeshadow Brush - This brush, unlike the concealer one, is super duper awesome for applying eyeshadow. The bristles are not too long, is soft but also firm and it doesn't "suck in" the pigments, but leaves them in a totally fair amount on the eyelids. Just like the other brushes, it didn't leak color while washing or had fallouts. This probably isn't my favorite eyeshadow brush EVER (since I have more of them in my collection), but it is a good brush.

Lash & Brow Groomer - I really love, love this brush because it really is more usefull than one can think. Finally, a brow groomer than doesn't look cheap and full-plastic. It really firm/solid and I like the bristles on the other side of the grooming end because they're good for brushing off some mascara clumps if you have those. I just really like this brush, it really useful and solid. Simple as that.

Eyeliner Brush Aha! Finally, my favorite brush :D Although is is an eyeliner brush (for cream eyeliners) I use this baby for my brows (filling them in with eyeshadow). What can I say? It's soft, the cut of the brush is amazing, it blend the eyeshadow for the brows perfectly and it's so light in my hand. LOVE IT. The blush brush and this eyeliner brushes are definitely my favorite ones.

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