Too Faced Natural Eye palette review + swatches

Hy guys, I'm so sorry for not posting sooner. My camera was malfunctioning so I couldn't take any photos at all. As I mentioned in the previous post I finally bought the Too Faced Natural Eye shadow palette, so I'm doing a review on it now. I've been testing it for the past 3-4 days and I wore all of the shades and color combination and I can say I'm sooo happy with it.

The packaging:

The palette comes in all-paper-material version, including the shade container, cards and the outer box. It's a very eco-friendly approach and the back of the box says: "Tested on celebrities, not animals." so I find that very positive. For almost 50 $ (265 kn) you get 6 eyeshadows - the big ones are 2 g, and the smaller 0.9 g each, total 11,4 g. Plus the double sided applicator which I found useful and the style selection cards. The cards are great too, esp if you're a beginner and have no idea how to apply lighter or darker shades or how to blend and create light effects on you eyes. Although the palette may seem a big pricey, you get 9 shadows for 50 $ and that's 5,5 $ or 30 kn for each. I'd say DAMN that's affordable!

The eye shadows:

There's 3 matte shadows - perfect for a light day look, 3 semi-sheer shadows (with minimal glitter) for a highlighted day version and 3 very pigmented extra glittery shadows for a more dramatic effect. Heaven is a matte dirty-white, Velvet Revolver pure taupe, and Sexpresso a dark brown matte color. Silk Teddy (my favorite, plus the name is adorable!) is a light sheer pink, Push-Up a brownish cooper and Erotica an ahsy brown color, with some gold holo effect. Nude Beach (my least favorite) is the lightest pink possible with a lot of sheerness and huge gold glitter chunks, Honey Pot is sexy gold sheer and Cocoa Puff (super duper pigmented MF) is a dark chocolate shade with minimal gold glitter in it. I have to mention that the last one (Cocoa Puff) is kinda hard to blend, a the first one (Heaven) is quite low lasting - it came off instanly only with pure water and it kinda sinks in the skin after a few hours.

The swatches:

Day light

Day light in the shade

Under artificial yellowish light
The instruction cards:

As I said, these babies are quite useful and easy-to-follow. My favorite is the classic version, although I find Day the most wearable one and Fashion the least, but only because of Nude Beach - thoes huge glitter chunks should stay away from the lower brow part, is so NOT suitable for highlighting. Maybe for New Year's Eye when you want that extra extra shiny look, but for a day occasion not. I even find it hard to wear during the night. Too bad my swatches didn't capture those glitter parts...

All in all, I can only say I'm in love with this palette, and it's no wonder since I've been craving it for almost 3 years. Not that I had no money to buy it, I just never had a larger amount of it so I could buy everything I needed in that moment plus the TF palette.

So, do you like it? Do you own this palette or any other Too Faced palettes? What are your experiences with this brand?

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  1. Divna paleta, sviđa mi se :) Ja imam hrpu pigmenata ovih nijansi pa mi ne trebal ali sam zato ugledala jednu diiivnu, samo mi je skupa :D

  2. @Girly - ja sam počela samo palete kupovati, meni se singlice ne isplate.. čak sam pobacala većinu depotanih mono sjenila jer sam ih unakazila :/
    koju paletu si ugledala btw, do tell? ^^

  3. Ovo izgleda dobro. Neke boje me podsjećaju na moju Dior Endless Shine paletu. Sjaje se kao lude!



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