Illamasqua Intense Lipgloss - Mistress

A few weeks ago I entered Illamasqua's Store in Zagreb for the first time and got out with a few products on my wishlist card. One of them was one of the most beautiful lip pigments I ever wore on my lips - Intense Lipgloss in Mistress.

Mistress is described as "bright coral orange" on Illamasqua's online store. I find this color quite fascinating, mostly because it changes the color on your lips. You will see futher more on the pics that is takes a solid pink color on mine, but still it keeps the original coral-ity. It comes in a beautiful slim black box with Illamasqua's logo and description: Come out of the shadows with high-shine, colour-rich Illamasqua Intense Lipgloss in a wide range of bold colours. Create lips that look full and glossy, without feeling sticky. Draw attention to your lips, and to you. For 120 kn (£13.00) you get a tube of 7 ml, but considering the quality and the name you're getting, I find it affordable.

The lipgloss comes out after you squeeze the tube (made of harder plastic), but you should be careful with the quantity because it's quite thick and you don't want to have super extra amount of product on your lips. It can give a sheer look with a minimal amount of it, but I like to use a bit more to give myself that extra WOW effect on the lips. The application is not really hard if just want to squeeze it and slap it on, but for a precise and clean look I use my thin painting brush (until I buy a decent lip brush online lol).

The color is quite orangey coral when you observe the packaging and the lipgloss on the brush, but it changes the color once applied on the lips. It's quite thick so I could say it's more a liquid lipstick than lipgloss.

All in all, I have to say I simply love it. The pigmentation is insane, it has a nice scent and taste (fruity?), it's NOT sticky at all and the packaging is sleek and elegant. The one thing that knocked me over the most was the durability - it stays really long on your lips, and even after the gloss is gone, you still have the color on your lips. And that's a great thing because if you want to touch it up during the day, you only need a minimal amount of the lipgloss to shine again.

Here's how it looks on me:

I told you it turns out to be quite pinkish on me, but I don't mind. Because it really an amazing lipgloss, the color really brightens up my mood during these cold gray winter days and it stays quite long on the lips. I'd say my first purchase and experience with Illamasqua is more than good :) I also have to say that the employees in the store are awesome. If you're interested in a certain product of simply scrolling through the store, they will give you a full makeup service, so you can see what colors suits you and how it feels on you skin before purchasing anything. The store is elegant, black and mystic, the atmosphere really nice and I can only say I'll be back for more soon!

8 komentara:

  1. Divna boja i divno ti stoji :) Ja cu sanjati Illamasqua - u...

  2. Drago mi je da si ga kupila, znam da ti se svidio!

    divno ti stoji, a koža lica ti je saavršena :)

  3. Sviđa mi se boja na tebi, ali mi je ta njihova tubica malo bezveznjikava :/ Nekak ima osjećaj da će na kraju dosta proizvoda ostat unutra.

  4. Otkrij mi tajnu sto je na obrazima? :D

  5. @TheChloee - Bourjois baked rumenilo #16 ;)

  6. what a GORGEOUS colour! it's so beautiful and bright



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