Today's shopping spree

I did it again... I'll probably starve to death, but meh, I love cosmetics and this makes me happy. I was so happy for the planned shopping I got up spontaneously at 6 P.M. omg. Here are the things I bought today:

Balea Moisturizing Mask, Afrodita Vitamin Mask, Alverde Mariglod Natural Lip Balm, Balea Young peach deodorant spray x 2, Gliss Kur hair spray conditioner, MY Body Shaving Foam and shaving razors, Lolete cotton pads, Paloma Anti Stress paper handkerchiefs set, Dove hand cream, Bourjois Cleansing Face Cream, Bourjois Makeup Remover, Alverde night cream for sensitive skin with shea butter and Cleo cherry body yogurt. Well, dayum. I already purchased most of these products again, but some one them were new like the makeup remover which was missing in my Bourjois cosmetics team, Alverde's night cream (love their cosmetics!) and lip balm and also the face masks. I already tried some of the new ones and love love everything :)

I was a bit more humble with the makeup:

Essence Vampire Love 04 - The Dawn Is Broken nail polish (I'm gonna do a review on that one, since it's a hot item for one of the most popular collections from Essence), Deborah mini nail polish 28 - Celestial Sky and Deborah 2in1 Eyepencil (black eyeliner and gold eyeshadow) which was on sale for only 4 $ so I had to get it since it was so cheap, lol. The eyeliner sucks, but it will do for my waterline but the "eyeshadow" (more like a thick eyepencil lol) is great.

And the sad part is that that's not all for this week - tomorrow I'm getting Catrice's Lashes To Kill mascara since my current one I running low (it has become my fav mascara) and MAYBE Catrice concealer since I'm having dark circles under my eyes lately, although I'm getting enough sleep. Plus the Basic Beauty nailpolish (another blue one) from, Avon's foot care package I'm getting in a day or two and the other one (makeup products only) next week, plus the B&H set I bought for my mom for Christmas I'm also getting this week and a few more nailpolishes with that... Jesus Christ, someone take my wallet from me :((((

Essence Vampire Love nail polish review coming soon ;)

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  1. Who needs food when you can have beauty products ;) x



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