Nyx Round Lipstick B52 review

As I recently said, I don't use lipsticks or balms, only lip glosses, but I decided to change that with Nyx's Round Lipstick in B52 :) Honestly, I only bought it because I think it's a solid replacement for a Rimmel lipstick I used years ago, but they don't sell it in that specific color (I forgot the name, blah). Even my mom used the same one, but it's long gone now :( I was considering Nyx's Round Lipstick in Thalia too, since the shades are similar but got this one, and I'm glad because I absolutely LOVE it!
I got it 2 days ago and it was on my lips all day yesterday and I'm writing the review today because I wanted to test it's lasting and moisturizing power, as well as the whole "feeling" to it.
So, in short notice:
- the lipstick comes in a cute but chic black packaging with a transparent bottom part which makes the shade preview easier
- yes, it IS moisturizing and doesn't dry up your lips
- it has a creamy formula which makes it really easy to apply but it's not too soft, nor too thick/hard
- it has a weird chalky scent but it's so subtle you won't even notice it after some time (the nose gets use to it)
- it stays (in my case) for hours on your lips - resist drinking and smoking, but not full-meal eating and kissing :))) but that's really ok because I'm use to apply something now and then on my lips during the day, esp when I'm in the city, shopping or smth
- it's a great day lipstick, not too dramatic but also not too pale/nude/super subtle - a bit darker & pinker than flesh color

My favorite feature of the lipstick it actually - the color. My lips are naturally quite pale, but full and healthy (with no chips etc) and this is a great way to put them back to life without too much color. You can see the difference in the pictures below:

All in all I think it looks really good on me and I give it a green light. Well, it's time to start wearing lipsticks now :) I'm also planning to get this baby in Sky Pink, Snow White and Circe too have a shade for each event and occasion. I bought it on ebay: http://stores.ebay.co.uk/porkdaisyshoppingmall at payed for it 4,3 $ with shipping and that IS an awesome price! Here's my face for the end so you can see who I am at last lol :)

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  1. Dosta lijepo i prirodno izgleda na usnama, imala sam ga :) Lijepo te je vidjeti u "totalu" :)

  2. @ www.beautyandsweets.net - hvala puno :))

  3. odlično izgleda ovaj ruž, a tvoje oči, wow :))



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