Nyx Mini Haul! Finally!

I was soooo happy when I saw my Nyx package form L.A. in my mail box today :D I ordered Mega Shine Lip Gloss and 2 Single Eyeshadows on 26 October (shipped the next day) and came today! 11 days, omg they're so fast! I heard they deliver in a matter of 3 weeks to Croatia, so this surprised me so much.

The envelopes came secured and package in the best possible way:

I couldn't WAIT to opened them! I ordered Mega Shine Lip Gloss in Copper Penny and 2 Single Eyeshadows in Luxor and Fahrenheit.

Copper Penny is a total WIN, since I needed a redish lipgloss that would suit my skin tone, since pure red colors look awful on me. This one has a lot of shimmer and looks gorgeous on my lips. It's also very creamy and smells real nice, but unfortunately it's staying power isn't effective enough since I'm always eating or drinking something, esp when I'm home. Here's the Copper Penny swatch on my lips:

Yes, I have big lips, I know :) I also adore it's packaging and the applicator is phenomenal - it leaves just enough product on your lips and glides so smoothly. The packaging and the applicator are shown on the pics below:

I also own the Mega Shine Lip Gloss in Beige - you can read the description and the review of that one here: http://voodoo-blonde.blogspot.com/2011/10/nyx-mega-shine-lip-gloss.html

And now, the eyeshadows! I was kinda surprised how small they are, but I really don't mind because I have a ton of them and I don't know how I'm gonna spend them all, so these tiny packagings (2,5 g each) are both cute and practical. I got them in Luxor and Fahrenheit, and here's the pic of them with the lipgloss:

Fahrenheit is a pink-bronze eyeshadow with shimmer in it. Luxor is a wonderful lilac/light purple shadow. Both of them are soft and semi-creamy, and they don't fallout when you apply them, and I LOVE that feature. They're really easy to apply with both your fingers or brushes. I've made swatches of them all on my left hand, with no primer:

I think their pigmentation is not so brilliant as I though it would be, but I bet they look good with a solid primer underneath. I have Catrice's primer and it doesn't intensify the color of the shadow - only keeps it in place, so I don't know how good they look with a primer. I need to get a good one soon, because I want these babies to shine!
I payed 11, 15 $ for the shadows (shipping included) and 7,42 $ for the lipgloss (shipping included) and I can say I'm very pleased with the purchase. The ebay seller I got this from is Pork Daisy, and you can view their shop here: http://stores.ebay.co.uk/porkdaisyshoppingmall They also have a web site: http://www.porkdaisy.com/ Fast shipping and thumbs up!

Oh yeah, I'm aslo waiting for a Round Lipstick in B52, I think it will come next week, maybe even this week, I don't know, so stay tuned for the review on that one too :)

Happy shopping everybody!

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  1. Wow, superbrzo ti je stiglo, sjećam se kad si rekla da si naručila! Lijepe si nijanse izabrala!

  2. @Biberlee - jelda? fkt brzo :D super su mi u Pork Daisyu što su mi se odmah nakon 15 min javili kad nisam naznačila na narudžbi koju nijansu ruža hoću, to rješili i shippali isti tren iza toga! stvarno sam jako zadovoljna njima kao prodavačima i tople preporuke ako ćeš kupovati Nyx kozmetiku ;)
    nijanse su divne, pogotovo Luxor, već ga volim jako

  3. Prelijepe nijanse, tako si želim malo Nyx kozmetike!


  4. @Anamarija T - obavezno si uzmi nest, imaju ogrooman izbor nijansi i cijene su jako pristupacne! stavila sam linkove za shop na dno posta, pa si pogledaj ;)



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