I love Sephora

Man, I think I'm gonna spend my entire scholarship in Sephora... For the last month I've been shopping intensively, esp in Sephora, since I gave up on cheap makeup and beauty products (like Essence at DM, nhf) and started to take better care of my skin, hair and looks in general. I'm not saying that cheap cosmetics are bad, but I don't have too much positive experience with it as much as I do with more expensive one. But at Sephora I can find everything - a bit more pricey AND cheap cosmetics, esp if there's a sale :drool:
In the last week I bought a small amount of very useful and awesome stuff there, so I wanted to share those thing with you. Some information on products may be helpful for some, all in all.

This is a picture of today's mini Sephora haul:

The things I bought are: Sephora's Light Veil Foundation in Medium Beige #25, Sephora Solution Express Pore Minimizer (this shit is so good I bought a second bottle), Sephora's Sponges for liquid foundation & the Revlon Colorystay Liquid Eyeliner came today from forum.hr. I also got Lancome's Le Crayon Khol Black Carat eyepencil in #023 Chestnut as a present in Sephora, with 5% discount on everything :))

 I was so happy when I got out of the store omg, so I went to my classes and couldn't wait to get home and try the liquid foundation on.

It's strange how I couldn't find this product on www.sephora.com. And I also couldn't find a description for it either on any other sites, except reviews, mostly written on Polish. I know Polish, but I don't feel like translating it @tm, so I'm going to review it shortly for you in English. So, it's the ideal liquid foundation for girls like me with combinated or oily skin! It's very very creamy, but blends in a fine powderish finish after applying it on your skin. The matyfing effect of this baby is incredible! It doesn't leave pores visible, are it balances your skin tone in a fine, fresh way. I was trying out the tester of this foundation yesterday, since I got it last week while purchasing some stuff with my friend in Sephora and it really knocked my brains out - it's really the best liquid foundation I ever wore on my face. Even my boyfriend told me I looked fresh and great with it. The skin is less oily, more mated and the foundation doesn't "sink" into your skin after hours and changes the color. Totally incredible foundation. I was considering on buying the Perfecting Cover Foundation, which is a light, moisturizing foundation, more light than this one, like a tinted creme (since I've been using tinted moisturizers for years, no powder at all), but I got this one because of my oils skin.
The price is a bit harder to chew on: around 30 $, but I really think it's worth every cent, I just hope it doesn't run out too fast :)

I purchased this lip gloss last week while shopping with my friend at Sephora. It was on sale for 7 $ and the color was soooo pretty, I just had to get it. What could I say? It's very creamy, non-sticky and stays quite long on my lips, and it gives just enough color to avoid that super-pale-dead-man lips look, but it's not super pigmented and that's a good thing because I don't want my lips to look like a baboon's ass (and that would be the case while wearing red lipstick, for instance). Glides smoothly on your lips, tastes and smells really yummy and the packaging is very nice too. Great shopping for 7 $!

I intentionally left the Solution Express Pore Minimizer for last :)
It's definitely my ITEM OF THE MONTH. The description on the box (awesome packaging, right?) says:

Do you need an EXPRESS SOLUTION to refine your skin texture and perfectly purify your skin?
The PORE MINIMIZER offers triple skincare action:
1. EXFOLIATE. Impurities are eliminated from the skin pores (-40%*).
2. SMOOTHE. Dilated pores are tightened ant the skin texture is refined (pore size is diminished by 62%*).
3. SHINE CONTROL. Sebum secretion is regulated (29% less shine*).
How to use:
Apply to perfectly cleansed face in the evening.
*Instrumental measurements on 20 volunteers during 28 days.

The ingredients list is in the picture below:

I had problems with super oily skin since high school and it's been torturing me for 8 years or more now. I always thought I would wake up with super oily face, esp forehead (which makes my hair even more oily), no matter how much I spend on skin care products or change my washing routine. I stumbled across this product totally accidentally (the seller at Sephora recommended it to me, since I was looking at it because of it's cool packaging) and when I saw it's price camed form almost 30$ to 8 $, I had to get it. I applied it on my skin on that first night and seriously woke up the next morning with less oily skin! The box says it's 29% less, I say it's a least 48%! Finally, I product I totally needed! I recommend it to everyone who not only has extra oily face, but huge visible pores and blackhead problems. It's a ridiculously small price for what you are getting. The fluid is in a pump dispenser, so the hygienic approach to it is a plus!

So, guys, do you shop at Sephora? What are your favorite products? Do you have some products to recommend? :)

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  1. Nema kod mene sephore, ali bih zeljela nabaviti pore minimizer... :( mislim da bi rjesio moj problem..

  2. @Loli S. - evo poslala sam ti komentar na zadnjem postu u blogu, mislim da bi mogle to rješiti prek mene ;D

  3. Kada si kupila pore minimizer? Da li je još uvijek na tom sniženju? Nakon tvog reviewa moram ga imati:)

  4. @barbich - kupila sam ga prije 2 tjedna. cijena je trajno snižena sa 155 kn na 40ak, reče prodavačica da su cijenu prilagodili našem tržištu. mislim da im je to pametan potez, sumnjam da bih ga probala za tako povišu cijenu. za Sephorine pudere znam da su odlični, pa dajem toliko novaca za njih.

  5. Ajme to je prekrasna vijest. Da, ja ga također ne bi kupila po toj većoj cijeni, ipak je previše za moj studentski džep. Hvala puno



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