Eyeshadow depotting

I never thought I'd depot my eye shadows :D
But I have a quite number of the @tm and I still plan on purchasing a whole bunch (esp the Nyx singles and 10 piece palettes), so I decided to depot and gather them in a metal container which I am yet to buy tomorrow. For now, I only gathered the eye shadows on my desk. I have to say, the depotting was a pain in the ass with some of them. I used the heath method for most of them (warmed the containers on a hot surface and simply detached the shadow part with a needle or a kitchen knife when the needle was to weak for that). I am amazed how Nyx's Fahrenheit came off without too much effort, but the Luxor one gave me a headache, some bended needles and an almost broken finger. Auch. If you're ever gonna do this, I have to warn you is a messy job - some eyeshadows will crack, have fallout or even brake. Luckly I only broke two eyeshadows and I even managed to save one of them, only because the color was dear to me. Here's a pic of them on my desk now:

Just look at all these empty containers:

As I said, I only have to buy superglue and a large thin metal box to keep them inside and VOILA! I can't wait :D I'll also post some pics afterwards.

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  1. Lipo bome :) Ja sma lijena to sve skidat i lijepit poslije...zapravo, sumnjam u svoje mogućnosti odljepljivanja sjenila :D



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