Eyeshadow depotting vol.2

So, I finally made my first DIY eye shadow palette. It looks better than I thought it would. But it's small so I managed to put only half of my depoted shadows. And yes, I know the leopard print is horrible, but I'll keep it this way until I find some can spray or a large bumper sticker to cover it. Works good for now. I didn't use magnets, only superglue to attach them to the container. Looks quite neat and I have most of them in one place now. Hope there won't be any fallouts or other problems :/

I need to paint this leopard print because it looks bad and the metal box is old too (about 2 years). FYI, it's a hygienic pad holder which I converted into a cigarette case lol. I think it has a more noble purpose now.

The remaining unglued shadows are in the other metal box - I think I won't be making a new palette until I purchase more shadows.

Looks better than in a CD box, right? :)

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