Catrice Matt Mousse foundation

Kozmo stores had a sale on powders, foundations and concealers (-30%) so I HAD to purchase a new foundation. Since I have combinated skin with oily t-zone, I did a research before purchasing anything and realized a lot of girls use mousse foundations, since they do a good a job on matting the skin and make pores and lines less visible. I'm quite low on my budget these days, so I had to get something affordable, but good. I had a plan for purchasing Bourjois mousse foundation, but all available shades (only 3 of them) didn't suit me, so I found my ideal shade in Catrice's mousse powder #050 Sand beige. I have really good experience with their makeup (esp mascaras), so I decided to give this baby a go because of the great feeling the texture of the tester left on my hand while trying it out. It's regular price is almost 9 $, but I got it on the sale for 5 $.

The description on says:

Airy and light yet ultra-mattifying – the delicate Matt Mousse Make-Up practically melts with your skin to give you a perfect, naturally matt-looking complexion while pores and fine lines become invisible. Suitable for all skin types. Available in five different shades.

The packaging:

The mousse foundation is held in a glass pot with a plastic lid. Not the most hygienic solution, but it's quite solid and firm, so you don't have to worry about accidental openings in your makeup bag. The best way to apply it on the skin is probably a classic foundation brush or a stipple brush, but I used my clean fingers and a blending sponge and it worked awesome.

The texture:

It's very creamy and absorbs instantly on the skin. It blends so easily, I was amazed because I thought it would be too thick and would leave a cakey finish. Blends with a sponge perfectly and you can apply it with your clean fingers like I did and it works really well. I really DOES make an "even finish, invisible pores & lines" like it says on the packaging. The pores on my nose disappeared instantly and it left an even finish, making all red spots, scars and uneven parts smooth and equal.

How it really looks once applied (L-bare skin, R-with the mousse foundation):

What more can I say? I applied it around 2 PM and after making lunch, spending the afternoon with my bf, sleeping for an hour (I don't usually sleep with makeup, I totally forgot about the foundation on my face) and a few more hours later my skin (esp the oily t-zone) was so MAT and even. So much win for 5 $. I am very pleased with the foundation and the purchase, and I can easily say that this cheap foundation does a better job than the Sephora's Light Veil Foundation (30 $), esp when it comes to reducing the oily parts.

Thank you, Catrice, you didn't fail me, as usual :)

5 komentara:

  1. nikad nisam probala mousse puder, da li ističe suhe dijelove lica?

  2. @Nanethiel - pošto nemam suhih djelova (masna t-zona, normalni obrazi, al za njih polako sumnjam da su blago dehidrirani), ne bih 100% znala reći, al meni se nije nakupljao u pregibima, borama, sve je fino izgladio. tekstura ovog pudera je jako kremasta i fina, pa pretpostavljam da ne bi trebao. sry što sam neodređena i ne mogu više reći :(

  3. reci mi, kako ti se ponaša na obrazima, isušuje li nemasne dijelove lica?
    imam dva pjenasta pudera, maybellineov mi izvrsno sjeda na lice, no nakon cca 3 sata mi se počne 'sušiti' na obrazima i oko usana, pa izgleda malo cakey. essencov mi izdrži nešto duže i bila sam oduševljena na početku, ali sam primjetila da dobijem potkožne vojnike nakon par dana :(
    a tako bih htjela imat neki genijalni mousse jer sam oduševljena teksturom općenito.

  4. ajme nisam ni pogledala gornji komentar prije nego sam postala svoj. ispričaj kozu brzopletu :)

  5. @tishka - ma sve 5 xD nagađam da ne ističe suhe dijelove. al kao što sam gore napisala, ne bih znala reći sigurno, tako da treba riskirati nažalost. srećom, nije ovaj puder skup (38 kn) pa mislim da ne bi puno izgubila ako bi ga kupila. al moje tople preporuke sve u svemu ;)



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