Catrice Lashes To Kill mascara - Waterproof vs. Ultrablack

As you may know, I did a review on Catrice's Lashes To Kill (w) and Better Than Waterproof at the end of October - here's the: link I purchased Lashes To Kill Ultrablack a few days ago to test it and give a review on that one too, comparing it to the waterproof version. I really like Catrice's mascara because they're really good and quite cheap (around 6 $ each), and since I change them every 3 weeks, it's a important feature for me (I rather invest my money in a good foundation or a skin product).

The blue one is the waterproof version and you can see it's a bit worn out. The pink one is Ultrablack and it's all new and shiny :)

The brushes are similar; although the ultrablack previews a darker black color on it, indicating a more visible pigmentation, but a similar finish. (left - Ultrablack, right - Waterproof)

Ultrablack really gives a more pigmented, darker finish but it's more wet looking and not so neat as with the Waterproof one. Also, I had Wateroproof for a couple of weeks now and I had no irritation on smudging around my eyes. The Ultrablack one does make my eyes a bit irritated (more like - itchy) and it does smudge. Since the finish is quite similar, I have to give the Waterproof one a better grade. It gives my lashes wonderful volume, length and false lash effect, but without the itching, smudging or a heavy feeling after a few hours. Obviously my eyes require waterproof mascaras since I had only good experiences with them (esp with Catrice's mascaras). So, there you have it. If you have sensitive eyes but want a false lash effect with a good volume and lenght, without spending too much money, choose Catrice Lashes To Kill in the waterproof version. I also plan to purchase the All Around mascara in the waterproof version since I had the regular one in the red packaging and it was really good.

Here's a photo of my eyes with the mascaras on:

Right eye - Catrice Lashes to Kill Waterproof;

Left eye - Catrice Lashes to Kill Ultrablack;

Another thumbs up for Catrice!

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  1. You have such amazing lashes, so pretty! The mascaras both look great, but I think I like the Ultrablack better, it gives more volume.. x



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