Bourjois Skin Care Products Review

I've always loved Bourjois, esp their makeup but half an year ago their skincare products finally came to our country & shops and I was so thrilled! This is a brand I've known and as I said loved since high school (who doesn't have at lest one of their fabulous baked blushes?). So I immediately bought these babies and had high expectations. Of course, not a single hint of disappointment. Since I'm still using my Garnier make-up remover, I didn't bought Bourjois's makeup remover, but I'll definitely get that one to in a matter of few weeks. I also don't use makeup removing wipes, so I skipped that product too. There are also would like to get the other, blue foaming creme and the refreshing tonic in the orange packaging, but I still have these to go and there's plenty of time to try everything out.

Bourjois Foaming Cleansing Cream (pink)

This was the first product I purchased and I have to say - I adore it! As you may know, I had oily skin problems since high school and each morning I wake up with super oily face. I've been washing my face in the morning either with pure water (which wasn't effective enough, of course) or with regular hand soap and water (and that was incredibly stupid, because you know how those regular soaps dehydrate skin and it also doesn't do the trick well). This Foaming Cleansing Cream in pink packaging is very creamy, but light and moisturizing. It cleans the sebum and impurities on your skin with incredible ease, leaving the skin fresh & radiant. I also use it to remove eventual makeup left overs in the evening, and it does the job in that quite well to. If your looking for a mild, but effective foaming cream that cleans your face, but doesn't leave the skin tense or itchy, this is the product for you :)

Bourjois Fresh Cleansing Milk with cucumber (green)

A creamy and light cleansing milk is something I never tried before! I've used mostly Garnier products before, including their Essentials Cleansing Milk and it didn't do the job for me quite good, so I ave up on cleansing milks. Since I have oily skin, I though this kind of product was too heavy for me and I needed to use only cleansing waters or super light makeup removers. But this baby changed it. As I said, it's really light, creamy and also moisturizing and works great for my combinated skin! I use it to remove foundation and blush from my face (Garnier is for my eyes, since I use waterproof makeup) but also to remove other impurities such as sebum/oil or to freshen up my skin in the evening before applying Sephora's Pore Minimizer. It smells really nice, the cucumber extract really freshens up your sking and it absorbs fast, leaving no greasy finishes.

Bourjois Radiance Boosting Face Scrub

I was still using my other face peeling when I purchased this one on Monday, but I simply HAD to get it :D I felt that my collection needed at least this baby to be minimally complete. I tried it once since I bought it and I really like it. The other peeling I used was more rough than this one, so I had to get used to the creamy and gentle feeling it leaves while using it. It has no obvious scent, the peeling particles are tiny and light & your face really does glow after using it! My skin is moisturized, pink and refreshes after it. However, since it's so light I think I'll be applying it twice a week, because I regularly use this kind of product once a week. Don't forget your moisturizing creme after it! Or you can skip it, since this product is also very moisturizing like the rest of them as well.

There you go! Hope you like my review, although it was short. Tell me - do you like Bourjois? Have you used these products? If yes, what are your experiences with them? Do you plan on shopping some of them? :)

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  1. cute blog! would love it if you could take a look at mine!

  2. Worst face wash ever. I bought this product because their make up is lovely and works well with my skin. The product says foaming cleansing cream for dry sensitive skin... this product was ok the first week I liked it wasn't the best face wash I've had but no problems but it wasn't helping my dry skin and after the second week even with using a face moisturizer it had begun to dry out my skin so bad my chin was starting to Crack and bleed I immediately switched face washes and after a week of not using this face wash my skin wasn't as dried out and being optimistic and thinking it was weather change or something I tried it again and instantly after using this face wash my face got bright red and any dry spots on my face looked 10 times worse. Would not recommend this product what so ever. It may say sensitive skin but please proceed with caution!! All other bourjois products are amazing tho!



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