Starting a bit shy...

I know nobody is reading this @tm since I don't have any followers yet, so I'll just go ahead and speak to myself. :)
I plan to run this blog from time to time (maybe almost every day, since I have a lot time on my hands - you can see that in the blog description hehe), post reviews and swatches of the products I'm buying and ordering. Since I've been doing that a lot lately (call it a phase, whatever), I think there will be a lot of products here. I try to shop brands that are not too expensive, but if I really like something, I don't mind giving a few extra bucks for it. So... Wish me luck. I'll hope to be as good as I can.

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  1. Drago mi je da si napravila blog :) Baš je cool :)) Jedva čekam čitati te još <3 Your first follower :))

  2. @valentina: HVALA DRAGA! bit će tu još puno toga, stay tuned ;D pussssaaaa