Nyx Mega Shine Lip Gloss in Beige

I was gonna wait one more week for my order (2 Single Eyeshadows & another Mega Shine Lip Gloss) from Pork Daisy on eBay, but since I bought Nxy's faboulous lip gloss from a girl on forum.hr, I couldn't resist to do a short review on it. I've been wearing it for a couple of days now and it's already my favorite one (and I still have 5-6 others jealous in the lip gloss bagy hehe).

So, this is Nyx Mega Shine Lip Gloss in 129 Beige. Looove the color! Omg, I'm so crazy about this product, it's insane. The girl that sold it to me (5 $, if you wanna know) send me a pic of the swatch and I thought "Oh, it's a pretty intense pink color and a brand I've never used before, so let's get it then!". I'm totally into trying new brands out and this was Nyx's first product I got and the impression is more than awesome. When we met, the color was even prettier than on the swatch picture she send me.
The lip gloss has an amazing applicator and it glides so smoothly on your lips, leaving no extra product - just enough to shine and color!

I also love the details and the complete design of this lip gloss! I'm used to round or tube-ish glosses and Nyx's Mega Shine Lip Gloss had this totally appealing rectangle shape.

The cap has an adorable detail of a bow on top of it :)

Here are my swatches of #129 Beige, applied on skin and lips:

You can order Nyx products from Pork Daisy on their ebay store: http://stores.ebay.co.uk/porkdaisyshoppingmall or on their website: www.porkdaisy.com. I highly recommend their awesome Mega Shine Lip Gloss! I do believe other lip gloss versions are great too. I can't wait for my order from Pork Daisy anymore aaarghhh! If you're wondering, I ordered 2 Single Eyeshadows in Fahrenheit and Luxor & another Mega Shine Lip Gloss in Copper Penny.
Here's a preview picture of the ordered products I'm awaiting (Fahrenheit is more softly pink-beige, probably a weird photo, sorry):

P.S. I'm totally into online shopping lately, I don't even have the need to go outside and buy makeup in a store :D :crazy:

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  1. Ja sam si bila naručila 3 Nyxova sjajila i kakav miris!!! :) Ajme, miris mi je predobar! Nažalost, ne koristim ih često, a jednog sam poklonila jer mi je bio pretaman..Ja imam jedan, onako u boji usana više, malo baca na bež i jedan blago ljubičasti...neka čudna nijansa, ali lijepo izgleda..:)

    Planiram naručiti još koje sjenilo i one jumbo olovke...to mi je san!! ;)

  2. @Ninuska - Nyxova sjajila su fkt najbolja koja sam imala priliku do sad probati, a stvarno sam ih probala jako puno, jer ne koristim ni balzame ni ruževe. jedva čekam da mi dođe ovaj Copper Penny <3 mislila sam i crveni jedan, al na moje pune usne to izgleda kao majmunovo dupe kak je moja majka rekla lol. vec planiram veliku narudzbu iza ove kad dođe, ak sve bude u redu :))



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