My first E.L.F. haul!

Man.. I was so exicted when my supersweet BF texted me "Your ELF order came!" :D I was at college and almost literary squealed in front of the class. I came at his place as soon as I could (I marked his address on E.L.F.'s site, since I had a problem with my neighbors stealing my mail), and started jumping across the room while opening the box.
These are the items I ordered: Brush Shampoo, Cuticle Pushers, Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15 in Rosy Beige, Blending Wedges, Nourishing Cuticle Pen, Nail Polish in Gum Pink, Professional Shine Eraser, Super Glossy Lip Shine SPF 15 in Honey Do, Waterproof Eyeliner Pen in Black and Brightening Eye Color in Drama.
I also got Beauty School - Eyeshadow Palette in Smokey colors, Studio Makeup Mist & Set and the Mineral Infused Primer (alongside Bourjois's black eyepencil) from 2 girls on for less than 10 $. Awesome shopping indeed! I actually don't need a primer super quick, but I'm using Catrice's Prime & Fine right now and I already know which one is better. That's what's next review is all about :)

Let's start the purchase overview and reviews with swatches.

Brush Shampoo and Studio Makeup Mist & Set

I've washed my brushes a couple of days ago, so I haven't tried the Brush Shampoo yet, but I have the Mist & Set. It's a transparent liquid with no scent, bottled up in this cool and elegant container with a really good dispenser. I use it every day (I got it 5 days ago) after completely doing my makeup, to fix and set everything in place. With the exception of smudging one of my mascaras just a tiny bit, I have to say it's a useful little thingy. Yes, I noticed my makeup stays in place more than usual and since I have a really oily t-zone and the oil from my skin sometimes mixes with makeup, it's great for me because it fixes the pigments better than usual.

Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15 in Rosy Beige

First of all, let me say I'm a bit disappointed in the size of this. It's literary one of the smallest things in my makeup bags, almost like the size of my finger. Here's a photo (below) of this compared to my nail:

The tube contains 12 g and if I use it every day, I think it's gonna last for a month or so. But anyway, love the color, I picked a good one and I'm glad. Since it's really light and semi transparent (it's more moisturizing than covering), I think a variation in color for a bit darker or lighter shade wouldn't make a difference because this product blends with the skin quite quickly and doesn't change the color at the end of the day. It's on my face since 9 AM and now is 9 PM and it's still the same color and everything. 
Here are some swatches of the Tinted Moisturizer on my skin; fresh applied, lightly smudged and completely blended into the skin.

I also ordered their Blending Wedges since I like to apply liquid foundation with these sponges, but I a tiny bit disappointed since they're small and soft - I'm used to the once I buy at Muller. They're simillar at price, but much bigger and firmer. 

Brightening Eye Color in Drama

Well, hello there shorty. Don't let the size (again, totally tiny) of this fellow disappoints you. This is really an awesome, very nice pigmented eye shadow! Maybe the size of it is a plus, since I have so many eye shadows,  I don't know if I'm ever going to spend them completely to the end, so this is saving some space and money :)
I haven't tried it on my lids yet (I took these photo this morning after my coffee and before classes), so I can't say if they're durable, if they're smudging or not and so on, but I have a photo (of course!) of the swatches on my hand. Here you go:

I really needed a nice black-gray-white smokey eyes shadow palette and I'm really pleased with the colors I got in this one. Looking forward to it!

Beauty School - Eyeshadow Palette in Smokey colors 

Wow, I mean just - WOW. This is definitely one of the best palettes I have in my beauty bags (yes, I have more of them, lol) now. The pigmentation of these babies is INSANE. 3 or more times than in the previous palette! I also like the size, it's just right. It comes with a small applicator which I find useful for blending the darker colors around the edges of my eye and I usually hate the small brushes that come in eyeshadow palettes since they're to damn small, low quality and useless. If you want true, flawless smokey eyes - this is THE palette. I wore it today for the first time and got so many compliments for my smokey eyes look (yes, I like to wear it during the day), I was so proud of this palette. <3 The colors are glittery, I have to warn you though. It's most visible in the grayish one (second row, middle one) and the first white one. But I don't mind a bit of glitter, even during the day. Also, there IS a bit of fallout, but only with the glitter, not the colors, so I think the shadows could go without the sparkles, but hey - who's perfect?
Here is the photo of my swatches, applied with my bare fingers (no primer). AWESOME pigmentation!

Waterproof Eyeliner Pen in Black 

A very nice, thin, fine and precise liner. I like the way it creates thin lines, so it's great for a precise and light lining of the eyes, esp for a everyday look. I like my eyeliner a bit thicker though, so I'm going to use it combined with an eyeliner I already have - Essence Long Lasting Eyeliner pen (very black and precise, you should try it! I love it even though I don't use Essence cosmetic, at least no more, but the pens and liners are awesome!) and maybe Revlon's long lasting liquid eyeliner - I haven't tried it on since I'm waiting it to come from (got it for 5 $ - shipping included, ha!).

As I said, the liner is very thin, soft but firm and precise and leaves a nice, elegant and pigmented line. You can apply a few times more for a thicker line, although I like it's thin lines better, since it's obviously designed for a more sophisticated look and lining. The swatches:

Super Glossy Lip Shine SPF 15 in Honey Do 

A sticky little bastard! :D I ordered this one since I need a red-ish lip gloss (I don't use lipsticks), but this is just transparent with a tiny hind of color in it. It's quite sticky like I said and extremely thick! Like toothpaste.

That makes it a bit hard to apply on your lips, but the feeling it leaves is moisturizing and full-covering, just like I like it. The packaging is super cute (I'm a sucker for a cute mini tubes and bottles), but the color you see inside is deceptive. It's maybe not my favorite one, but I'll keep it just in case. You can never have too many glosses!
The photos of the opened tube and the gloss applied on my lips is down below:

Professional Shine Eraser 

I don't know how I could live without this. Yes, it's THAT GOOD. It absorbs the oil on your face completely and you can use it many times you like or need, everywhere you need it, anytime you need it. I've been wiping my face all day long with this. It's a life saver for my skin. I don't have to walk all oily and shiny at the end or middle of the day anymore. No special philosophy in this, if you have oily or contaminated skin like I do, GET THIS. NOW. You won't regret. I think I'll be ordering 10 of these next week. The package contains 50 sheets, so I think it's going to last for a week or two for me.

Nourishing Cuticle Pen 

One of the thing on the NEED list from e.l.f. The description says: "Relieves dry nails and flakey cuticles. The unique pen delivery system moisturizes cuticles effectively and the quick dry formula allows for a no mess application. Fortified with Vitamins E, A, C, Pro-Vitamin B5 and Aloe, this fast-acting complex deeply hydrates, nourishes and seals in moisture. The key ingredients Avocado and Almond Oils help to condition nails and cuticles for improved appearance. The result is softer, easy to manage cuticles and healthy hydrated nails." What more to say? It really does the trick. No more white and dehydrated cuticles for me. It's slim and fits in my bag easily, so it's definitely something I'll be using everyday and everywhere. Thank you e.l.f. for this!!

Nail Polish in Gum Pink 

If you're gonna buy nail polishes for e.l.f., here's an advice - don't look at the store's color pictures, just google the nail polish shade you like or want to know more about it and then order. I really liked some of them on the store's page, but when I googled the swatches, I was a bit disappointed. This color, however, satisfied my expectations - the Gum Pink is really the gum pink shade everyone has in their head! A really nice, ultra shiny color. I find 2 layers of this polish enough for full coverage and don't forget the finishing polish layer for durability! LOVE the box this baby came with:

I threw the box away, but didn't want to :( The polish looks so much nicer in it, but it would only take extra room in my polish bag, so eh...
Here's the picture of the polish on my nails (I just HAD to apply it last night :D):

Totally GUM PINK! Yum!

Cuticle Pushers 

The final item in today's haul I'm going to review for you is these wonderful and elegant cuticle pushers. I really needed them, since I've been doing my nails a lot lately (I've been biting them for years, yuck) and this will totally come in handy with the nourishing cuticle pen to treat my cuticles in the right way. Love the thin and transparent handle. They are 2 ends: one pushes your cuticles gently but firmly, the other sharper and thinner one cleans the nail - under the nail and it the corners. An essential item for all manicure crazy fans!

I would also like to give a huge plus for e.l.f. - grades 5 in prices, +5 in regular discounts, 5 for handling and boxing the items and ++5 for delivery time (shipped on October 21st, came October 27th. Only 6 days, amazing!). You can find their store at: (choose European shipping for Croatia and buy from their UK store, because Italy and USA don't ship to our country). Their facebook page is: They're having a Halloween discount @tm - all items 20% discount for orders from 10 £ or higher. Don't forget to check their FB page for discount info or subscribe on their website for news & everything. Happy shopping everyone!

Do you own anything from e.l.f.? Do you plan on buying something? Was my review helpful at all? :)

6 komentara:

  1. Smijem komentirati na hrvatskom ili? :)

    Od elfa posjedujem samo četkice i sredstvo za čišćenje istih, mislim da je moje pakiranje nešto veće od tvojeg, ili je takav kut slikanja :) I zadovoljna sam i četkicama i sredstvom za čišćenje..u planu nemam ništa drugo, bar za sada..:) Sviđa mi se onaj crni tuš, mogla bih se eventualno za tim pomamiti hehe :)

  2. @Ninuška - naravno da možeš :)
    elf ima Daily Brush Cleaner i Brush Shampoo, može biti da je tvoje ovo prvo, jer ovo moj je šampon. eyeliner je divan, fkt mekan, tanak ali nije WOW crn, fkt dobar za lagan dnevni izgled. nisam kupovala četkice kod njih, al mogla bih, imam neke kineske sa ebaya i idu mi na živce već -.-

  3. Što se tiče ELF-a i nisam baš zadovoljna :/ ni kistovima, niti puderima ( to sam probala )...Kabuki mi je toliko grozaaan da sam ga bacila. em grebe, em izritira lice toliko da crvenilo probije ispod pudera.. :(

    Posjeti me, i ja sam jos uvijek nova u blogsvijetu :D

  4. @Loli - ja sam zadovljna sa većinom ovih stvari, iako sam odustala od tonirane kreme i spužvica, ne pašu mi nikako. došao mi je novi paket danas, idem sutra po njega, u njemu je puder, pa ćemo viditi jel valja išta :D
    btw, folowalla sam te na blogu ;)

  5. Sa četkicama sam jako zadovoljna, tako da slobodno naruči! Meni ove kineske uglavnom i ne valjaju, rijetko ih koristim, možda valja njih par...druge bezveze..:/ Imam taj elfov kabuki i meni je za sada ok..

    I da, imam taj sprej za svakodnevno čišćenje :) Baš me zanima kakav će ti biti puder :)

  6. @Ninuška - premišljam se sad, inače koristim Royal marku kistova koja mi je genijalna, taman sam naručila još jednu za sjenilo sa ebaya. možda kad budem imala neki višak love :D
    puder je ok, malo preroz (uzela sam nijansu Rosy Beige), al biće dobar ^^ to je inače Clarifying Pressed Powder, lako se hvata za spužvicu/četkicu i dobro se nanosi, stvarno je teksturom odličan. da je samo malo manje roz, eh..



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