Hand creme favorites!

So, for my first offical post I'll be doing a review and comment post about my favorite hand (and nail) creams and balms. These are one of my favorite skincare products, and since I recently stop biting my nails (I know..) I want to give them and also my skin as much care as I can.
So let's start with some of the products I'm using right now:

Oh So Heavenly hand balms and cremes. Oh wow, I was so happy when I discovered them. It all started as a gift for my roommate (the On The Go one), and ended with my last piece of Tickled Pink creme. Why last? Well, the shops that were selling them here (Kozmo and Konzum) don't sell them anymore, and I can't order them online (not even form ebay or other sites, trust me, I searched...). My favorite of these three is the Tickled Pink one, because it's so fast absorbing and smells soooo heavenly :D My hands felt best with the Bye-Bye Stress one, but it's gone now, so too bad.

Dalan Fruits Moisturizing Hand & Body Cream. I bought this one two days ago in Bipa and it was only 1.2$. When I opened it to smell the cream it screamed: FRUITS! After buying it, my hands felt like dipped in a tank full of freshly squeezed fruit  :D Not so extremely moisturizing (maybe for summer or sping, but for cold weather nah). It does the job for a cheap price.

Aldo Vandini Sensitiv Hand & Nail Balm. I often return to this one after I finish my new and "exploration" balms. Like an old lover you cannot stop loving and craving for. What I love about it? It moisturizes and protects you skin, leaving a smooth finish and a healthy feeling. The scent is very mild. I generally love AV products, and the packaging of them all is so nice and simple. I don't have sensitive skin but this creme works great for me and I can recommend it to anyone.

Balea Hand and Nail Balsam with Chamomile. This is a really cheap cbut solid hand cream. It really moisturizes the skin, leaving a pleasant scent of chamomile and it's also good for these dry and cold days. The only thing I don't like about it is that is leaves a rather "oily" or wet feeling on my hands. It absorbs to damn slow. If I touch anything within minutes after applying it, it's slippery and that goes on my nerves. I haven't use it in years, since I found better balms for a slightly higher price (this one is around 2 $ in DM). The plus side is that it has a bigger and a smaller (better to say "tiny", travel) packaging, so it fits in every pocket, esp if you're on a trip or something.

Dove Beauty Hand Cream. Well, I can freely say I really LOVE Dove's products. I still remember yeaaaars ago when their first original soap came to our shops, and it was a real hit. The soap had (and still has, luckily :)) 1/4 of creme in its essence, and it was an awesome change because not many soaps those days had so much moisture in them. Plus the smell was just as I like it - pure and simple, like fresh laundry. The Dove Beauty Hand Cream is no exception - everyday usage prevents skin from feeling super dry, grayish and unmaintained. The scent it leaves is absolutely wonderful and it suitable for all skin types and generations.

Atrix Intensive Hand Cream with Chamomile. The legend among the hand cremes! I remember using this one as a kid. My mom really likes this cream, since she had dry skin and it does the job for her completely. It's very intensive (like the name says), so it's maybe not for someone like me (at least lately) since I'm kind of allergic to the oily and wet feeling a cream can leave after using it. Atrix Hand Cream kinda does this, but I would definitely recommend it to everyone who seeks absolute moisturizing and care with a pleasant scent of chamomille.

Neutrogena Concentrated Hand Creme. Oh yes, the Norwegian superhero among hand cremes. This awesome cream is ideal for people with sensitive and extremely dry skin, like my boyfriends. I bought this creme for him last winter and since he has very dry and sensitive skin, it was and still is an absolute must have in his pockets. I even bought him a mini version of it a few days ago ^^ Very protective, thick and extremely fast absorbing, this cream leaves a non-greasy and healthy feeling to the skin afterwards and I could very easily claim him the winner among all these. Highly recommended all in all!

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  1. Od navedenih sam probala gotovo sve, i moram reći da mi je Neutrogena ipak najbolja od svih. :) Međutim, ja doma volim imati običnu plavu Niveu, veliko pakiranje dođe 30 i nešto kuna, traje sto godina i daje mi apsolutno najbolji efekt na koži - ako imam barem 5 minuta da se upije do kraja.

  2. @Babushka - meni je Nivea preteška, treba fkt zauvijek da se upije, ne volim taj "masni" osjećaj iza. Neutrogena se pokazala najboljom zimi, a stvarno se super upija, pa se slažem s tobom. moja koža nije toliko suha, pa volim eksperimentirati sa raznim kremama :)

  3. Meni pa tale Aldo Vandini balzam za roke sploh ne ustreza. Vonj mi je čisto premočan.



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