Catrice Prime&Fine vs. E.L.F. Mineral Infused Primer

This is a review for all of you who wish to find a cheap, but solid primer for makeup, esp foundations.
I bought Catrice's Prime&Fine Smoothing Refiner more than a month ago, and it was mine first primer ever. I have to say, since I'm not totally a cosmetics n00b but I'm also not a trained expert  (I just read, explore, talk and investigate makeup and beauty news and products & I also consider it a hobby and fun way to spend my free time), primers were something new and WOW for me when I first heard about them. I wanted to try one of these products so badly, but couldn't afford too much money on it (and that was before Sephora had a primer sale for 5 $ :D). I heard relatively good reactions for Catrice's primer, so I bough it. A few days ago I received e.l.f.'s mineral infused primer from so I decided to do a review on my blog, comparing these two affordable and simple primers.

Catrice Prime and Fine Smoothing Refiner:
The description on says:
The oil-free silicone-based primer practically makes pores disappear and fills out wrinkles for a smooth, refined complexion. Now you’re ready for your grand entry! Comes in a high-quality jar.
This base is indeed silicone-based, but after testing e.l.f.'s primer I do feel the lack of silicone material in this one. It's really creamy and oil-free but I need to put my fingers in the jar many times to get enough product on my face. The packaging didn't bother me on the beginning, but after a week I kinda wish I don't have to stick my fingers inside of it, esp since the product always gets under my nails and sometimes I grab to much of it. The primer has a pale pinkish color and it does reflect on your face, giving you a pinkish glow. It doesn't reflect that much after you apply foundation. I find both primers great for compact powder, but since I have combination skin with an extremely oily & shiny forehead, I think I could use it with liquid foundations (which I don't use @tm). The absorption of oily particles on my skin after applying this primer is minimal - maybe about 5% since my forehead and nose do shine after few hours or more. The texture is quite light, but I kinda don't like the pinkish glow it gives to my skin all in all.

e.l.f. Mineral Infused Face Primer:
The description on says:
Developed to combat excess oil, flaky dryness, enlarged pores and fine lines to result in a natural and youthful looking radiance. This clear multipurpose skin primer will prepare your skin so makeup goes on evenly for a lasting finish.
I really do like the silicone structure of this primer. Is transparent, so it doesn't give you any extra skin coloration after applying it, unlike Catrice's primer. I totally like the pump-packaging, so it's more hygienic than Catrice's primer and the pump (depending on the pressure) allows you to get just enough product you need for your face. It really takes just a tiny bit amount of the primer to cover your face, which is saving some money and product itself. It smooths the skin and fills pores & wrinkles better than the first one, which you can see even if you put the product on your hand. However, it takes a bit more to absorb, but after it sinks into your skin it leaves a super smooth and flawless finish, preparing your skin perfectly for makeup.
An awesome and affordable primer (€6.80), and as you can tell, I really do like it more than Catrice's primer even though I like Prime&Fine at first, but after comparing them, I do have to say e.l.f.'s Mineral Infused Primer is my favorite one.

Here's a picture of both primers applied on my skin, to show you the color and texture of the products (left - e.l.f.'s Mineral Infused Primer (transparent), right - Catrice's Prime and Fine Smoothing Refiner (white with a rosy undertone):

After comparing both product, I declare the winner of this fight - e.l.f.'s Mineral Infused Primer! :)
P.S. Sorry if this was a badly written review, I'm writing this at 2 in the morning and I'm alrealy half asleep, but I had the need to update my blog on a daily basis, so I hope nobody resents much. Kisses!

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