Catrice Lashes To Kill (W) & Better Than Waterproof

I absolutely LOVE Catrice mascaras. My first one was All Around (in red packaging) and it was really good. Most mascaras sting my eyes and I need to buy need ones every 3 weeks.
Last week I bought their Lashes To Kill Waterproof and Better Than Waterproof mascaras. After seeing a lot of reviews, I got both of them. And you know what? Catrice definitely has some cheap, but totally awesome mascaras!

The packaging:

The brushes:
Lashes To Kill has a larger and better brush, but that doesn't stop Better Than Waterproof to leave an WOW effect on your lashes. The textures are very nice on both of them, but BTW has a slightly more black to it.

And here's how it looks on my eyes:

1. Lashes To Kill Waterproof

2. Better Than Waterproof

Try to spot the difference:

(right eye - Lashes To Kill waterproof, left eye - Better Than Waterproof)

There is no huge difference while seening both eyes, I know. But I have to say that Better Than Waterproof gives INCREDIBLE volume and length! Since it's suppose to be a regular waterproof mascara, it does the extra work on the lashes. Too bad it doesn't stay on them like it should and it's incredibly easy to remove it with a standard waterproof cleansing milk or tonic.
Lashes To Kill Waterproof, on the other hand, doesn't give much volume, length and the WOW effect like the other one does, but it's totally waterproof. I mean it! I was wearing it last week when something felt in my eye. I was rubbing it for a nice chunk of time - 15 minutes, or maybe even longer, while trying to get the damn thing that felt inside. The eyeliner and shadow totally slide from my eye, but the mascara was still there! When I later came home, it was kinda hard to remove it with a waterproof cleansing milk I normally use (Garnier Essential for sensitive eyes). WaterPROOF mascara, totally!
So, what more to say? Cheap but great little mascaras! Totally worth the price (6-6,5$). They have very good brushes (esp on Lashes To Kill), nice blackish finish and they do an awesome job on the volume and length, like I said. I may prefer Lashes To Kill a bit more, for the totally waterproof effect.
Other products I used here: Essence Extra Longlasting Eyeliner Pen and Yves Saint Laurent Long-lasting Eye Pencil # 12.

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