Beauty UK goodies!

I was soooo excited when my Beauty UK order from eBay came this morning. Luckily, my classed were canceled today so I had plenty of time to do a review & swatches on everything.
Since I had 3 different items, it all came in one packaging and I was surprised because usually eBay sellers deliver each item in its own individual package, so I got it all at once.

If you're wondering who this fantastic (and I mean fantastic!) seller is, just search for cosmeticstoorderUK on eBay. I'll give some link on the end if the post. What I like about them is that they always send you a copy of receipt with each delivery and some promos news:

The items I ordered this time are. Beauty UK Glitz and Glam (Eyes,Lips & Nails), Beauty UK Pearl Eyeliner in Blue Lagoon and Royal Eye Shadow Applicator with replacement pads.

The Glitz and Glam set is super cute - it contains a transparent lip gloss with glitter particles, eyeshadow palette with some light shimmery basic colors,  a mini black eyeliner (also with glitter) & a mini mascara and 3 glitter nail polishes in silver, gold and mauvish pink colors. Everything is so super mini and adorable!

The lip gloss is very moisturizing and transparent and it's great for a super light, everyday look. It has a non-sticky formula, which I totally adore and glides super easy while applying. Here's the gloss on my lips:

The eyeliner and mascara and kinda waterish, esp the eyeliner. You can see the glittery particles on my swatch below:

The packaging:

This is literary this tiniest mascara I ever saw! The brush isn't really impressing, but I'll try it on my lashes tomorrow, since today's my no-makeup day (I do this at least one a week, to recover my eyes and skin from beauty products. And if you apply makeup like me every day, you probably know how it's important for you skin to breathe now and then and relax from tons of product). Here's the picture of the mascara and its brush compared to my nail:

The nail polishes are also small and the colors are quite nice and shimmery. I'll just show you a close-up photo of the packaging for now, since I've done my nails last night and I won't be applying them this instant (which is HARD! Just look how cute the look!);

And finally, my favorite piece in this set - the eyeshadow palette. It contains a choice of 6 colors, some more, some less glittery - black, brown, forrest green, pink, beige/white and jeans blue. I think they're great for a subtle everyday makeup and looks, since they're not super pigmented (I never actually wear such shadows, to be honest). Here are the palette packaging and the swatches:

Believe it or not, I only payed 4.4 £ for this set (price+delivery), and I'm super duper pleased with the shopping!

Oh yeah, and let's not forget for the Pearl Eyeliner in a totally gorgeous and crazy color called Blue Lagoon.

This was a definite NEED in my makeup bag. I really adore eyeliners and I've been using them since high school (over 7 years), but I've only been playing safe and using black ones, so I'd figure I'll just buy a colored one. When I saw this one in Blue Lagoon I had to get it - it's not my favorite color for nothing! The thin applicator glides smoothly but firmly on you skin. leaving a perfect pigmented line. I had to restrain myself from applying it right away, but I had to stick to my no-makeup day decision :D

And here's the entire todays haul:

Total price: around 10,5 £! Love it! I think I'll be definitely getting more Beauty UK products in the near future, since I have a trusted and loved eBay seller to buy from. Oh yeah, I promised you guys some links right? Here's the facebook page for the store (you can find their shop link in the Basic Information/Website description):

Beauty UK website:

Do you use Beauty UK products? What are your experiences with eBay makeup shopping? Do you have some sellers to recommend? :)

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  1. daaa <3 jedva ga čekam probati sutra!

  2. Stvarno super ulov! :) Boja tuša je fenomenalna! Probala sam nekoliko njihovih stvarčica, a najzadovoljnija sam ruževima.

  3. hvala! ja ne nosim ruževe, al pikiram na njihova sjajila (njih nosim manijakalno), boje su divne i pakovanja fora. :) sljedeći tjedan naručim još rumenilo i neka sjenila, i ova Royal marka nije loša. sad se trgam između Beauty UK-a i NYX-a, ah problemi :D

  4. @Copycat - thanks! Yes, it's nicely pigmented and the color is beauuuuutiful! It's kinda hard to remove, but the more waterproof - the better!

  5. Super je eyeliner, dugo ih lovim ali ne mogu naći tog sellera na Ebayu, pomogneš mi? :)

  6. @Biberlee: naravno, ev idem ti postati nešt na blog pa trknem link of eBay shopa. ;)



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